The best there ever was - Greg Plitt

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The best there ever was - Greg Plitt

The ‘best of’ the best! 

We’re halfway through 2016 already and we thought it would be a perfect time to do a ‘best of’ issue. We’ve got the best workouts, nutrition knowledge and, of course, motivation! 

To provide you with the best motivation out there, we couldn’t look past the fitness icon Greg Plitt. He was one of the most motivational guys you could ever meet. With so much advice and experience, anyone would feel energised about fitness, and life for that matter, after spending some time with that guy. 

We were lucky enough to speak with him during his memorable and impactful life, and you’ll find this chat in the magazine. We really appreciate the support of Greg’s family for allowing us to publish such a special piece about an absolute legend. 

Now, on to something else that’s been on my mind lately. Why do people feel it’s necessary to voice their smallest grievances about a business or person on social media platforms? 

We often have this happen with our magazines. Someone may have not received their subscription in the mail, so we get an abusive voicemail on the reception’s phone (usually left after 10pm). Then they take to social media and blast on about how unprofessional our business is. 

We contact the person the following day to double-check their postal address and they say, “Oh, that’s my old address; I’ve moved to a new place now.” 

Our bad — maybe we should have a tracking device on every one of our subscribers so we know their location at all times! The person doesn’t give an apology or post on social media saying it was their fault they didn’t receive their mag. None of that. All we get is, “So when am I going to get my magazine?” 

This happens all the time. People are only too happy to get on social media to have a rant or complain before checking their end of the story. But we abide by the first rule in business: ‘the customer is always right’. I’m sure everyone in business can relate to this in some way or another. 

Until next time, enjoy our ‘best of’ issue and get a motivation boost from one of the best there ever was — Greg Plitt.

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