Meet your photographer halfway

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Meet your photographer halfway

Scene: A guy/girl is in a photographer’s studio for the first time for a 1 hour shoot.

Photographer: "Hi John/Mary thanks for choosing me to take your photos; what sort of shots did you want to do today?"

John/Mary: Shrugs their shoulders “I dunno whatever you think.” 

The photographer's options are limited due to time restraints and a standard shoot seems like the best option. This way at least the client gets a few basic shots to take home (thanks for your money). On the other hand the photographer can spend 15 minutes of shoot time trying to find out what the client likes/doesn’t like to try to get on the same page as to what the client would like to get out of the shoot. 

You’ve done all the hard work, you're in good shape, you've saved some money together for the shoot, booked it and then made a huge mistake in thinking that all you have to do is turn up and the photographer will do the rest. 

Now that’s great and that does and can happen but I always encourage clients once they have booked a shoot to send in images that they like so that they get the most out of the shoot. There is no use spending money on a shoot and coming away with images that weren’t quite what you wanted. 

It’s best if you and the photographer start off on the same page from the first click of the camera, especially if it’s your first shoot. 

If it is only a one or two hour shoot time you don’t want to be wasting time having the photographer trying to work out what you’re wanting to get out of the shoot, so its best if you can send him/her a few photos of what your aiming for. 

It’s best to make sure they are photos that aren’t too far away from what your body type is. If you’re a skinny guy, don’t send in a photo of Mr Olympia striking a pose and ask the photographer to make you look like that - because it’s not realistic. 

It’s great when my clients send in images they would like to re-create, I like going into the shoot knowing what he/she wants and I’ve worked out what sort of lighting I’ll have to set up. It just makes the whole process quicker and the client will hopefully get what they're hoping for especially if it’s a timed shoot. 

So basically:

1: Research the photographer so you know what sort of photos they take so you're confident they’ll be able to do what you’re after.

2: Once the shoot is booked ask the photographer if you can send them some examples of shots you’d like to do. 

You need to make the most of the time and your hard earned money as you don’t know when you’ll have the chance to do this type of thing again.

Hope this helps for your shoot :) 

Here’s an example of a client that came prepared…think we got pretty close!

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